House on Royal

House on Royal

Step into a world where history blends with indulgence at our charming condo, nestled in the heart of the French Quarter on Royal Street. Just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant life of Bourbon Street, you have the liberty to savor your cocktails on the move. Yet, we anticipate you’ll be drawn back to the serene comfort of our exquisite gallery.


Imagine unwinding on our classic, cast-iron embellished balcony, absorbing the bustling street scenes below and the tranquil starlit skies above. Your stay with us is more than just a booking; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in an authentic historical tapestry. Our abode, initially erected in 1817 by the renowned Henry Latrobe and meticulously refurbished in 1859 with an added third story, brims with stories untold. Original stairs and mantels stand as silent testaments to the past, offering a truly unique ‘living history’ experience. You’ll be walking the same halls as literary legend Tennessee Williams once did! [Discover More].


Your comfort is paramount, with modern amenities enhancing the timeless appeal. Revel in breathtaking downtown vistas, relish the embrace of crisp air conditioning, and delight in the rustic charm of wooden floors beneath your feet. Every room is a haven of comfort, with ceiling fans ensuring a gentle, cooling breeze, reminiscent of the Southern comfort of yesteryears.


Moreover, the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen invites you to create or recreate iconic Louisiana cuisines, while the in-unit washer and dryer provide all the practical comforts of home. Your experience at our bed and breakfast is not just a getaway but a dive into a historical, sensory journey, offering a retreat that’s as inspiring as it is relaxing. Come, stay where the past meets the present, where luxury meets history, and stories come alive. Welcome to your home in the French Quarter!

Awesome Location!!

Bedroom One

The condo has two bedrooms. The master bedroom has a King sized bed and the second bedroom has Queen sized bed.



Large Living Space

With two bathrooms, a kitchen, wifi internet and a perfect location adds up to a perfect New Orleans vacation.


Fantastic balcony with great views. Just up two flights of stairs and you are perched above the fray, but with a front row seat.